Friday, February 20, 2009

Beat Night tore my face off

Beat Night at The Press Room last night sure was special. It kicked ass, and didn't care about names. It rode you hard, then demanded a cigarette and a sandwich. But most of all, it reminded everyone there that there are some supremely talented poets on The Seacoast, and many of them were in the room. To commemorate a great night in front of a jam-packed audience, we have SEVEN videos from Beat Night!

These include one each from the Slam Boet himself, Beau Williams, the always vivacious Heidi Therrien, part-time creature of the night Jonathan Stoker, the intriguingly hirsute Mike Nelson, plus three of me, as I was one of the featured poets on this fine evening. Ding ding! All aboard the Selfish Express!

Remember that these and all of our (now many) videos are always available at, and please check out our Facebook Group! Until next time...

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