Monday, June 1, 2009

June 8th Stone Pigeon!

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Next show's coming on on Monday, June 8th at Breaking New Grounds, Portsmouth from 7-9 PM. And have we got a little something-something for you! For the first time in Pigeon history, our features are husband and wife. D'awwww!

They're some darn fine poets individually, as well.


Adam Shlager works as a slightly distracted consultant for the healthcare industry. He writes most of his poetry on his 2+ hour daily commute and wrangles with words and meaning in the City Hall Poets Workshop. He is currently collecting creative and enthusiastic personal rejections from some of the finest poetry journals in the country. When not writing poetry or advising someone about the current or future state of healthcare, Adam spends time with his daughter and wife, who are teaching him how to enjoy life and laugh. He can't wait to see what happens next.

Lesley Kimball burst onto the Seacoast Poetry scene with the Borderlands collaborative interactive poetry sculpture in 2004 after hundreds of years of toiling and rolling around in words and stories and research as a librarian. She has had poems appear in The Café Review, the anthologies The Other Side of Sorrow and The Longest Day, and the Spotlight Magazine. Lesley lives and writes in Portsmouth with her husband-poet Adam and their pixie-daughter Amalia.

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