Monday, October 5, 2009

October 12th Stone Pigeon!

Ah, fall. Time when thoughts turn to hot pumpkin pie and hotter poetry. And this Columbus Day, you can discover some great poets (that, just as with Columbus, other people have already discovered) at The Stone Pigeon! Surely, you must have to enter into a pact with the devil to get in on something this awesome? You'd think so, but no! All you have to do is come to Breaking New Grounds, Portsmouth on Monday, October 12th, starting at 7pm to see:

Heidi Therrien is a performance poet, singer, actor/director and painter from Manchester, NH. Her poems have appeared in journals such as, The 2010 Poets’ Guide to New Hampshire, Blood on the Floor Vol: II, Centripetal, Angelic Dynamo and her chapbook, High Point of My Day, was published by Sargent Press. A finalist for the 2009 NH slam team, her writing group, Blood on the Floor, won the 2008 New England Invitational Slam in Portland, ME. She was one of the featured poets at the 2009 Jazzmouth Poetry Festival and has featured around the seacoast at venues such as The Northstar Café, Beat Night at the Press Room, The Bridge Café and The Stone Pigeon, which she currently co-hosts.

Molly Skerry hails from a rual part of southern New Hampshire but has recently moved to Manchester to take on "big city living." She calls the Bridge Cafe her home-base for poetry, and credits the NH poetry scene for getting her motivated to write as many kick butt poems as possible. She is very excited to be featuring at the Stone Pigeon with her partner-in-crime Heidi, and thanks all the lovely poets who have shown their support to her along they way.

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