Monday, May 4, 2009

May 11th Stone Pigeon

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Another month, another show featuring two great poets! Check it out!

Redbeard Bullrider is the outgoing persona belonging to a preferably anonymous and reclusive New England farmer. He fills his days with happiness by unloading his negative emotions onto paper and into song. His hobbies include poetry, art, history, socioeconomics, philosophy, political satire, and lexicography. Most all of the attributes you have just read are composed from his reddish-brown armchair, and head.

Originally a Connecticut girl, in 1999 Lindsey Coombs landed (after a circuitous journey and 25 years in New Jersey) in Delaware, where she was rescued from oblivion by discovering a crazy talented world of amazing poets plus a whole new world of Slam poetry. Thus began her poetry love affair that includes “Between You & Me” and “In Certain Places,” spoken word programs she performs at Senior Residences. Lindsey loves painting portraits of people's pets, her cat, living in Deerfield and a friend’s horse named Ignatz as well as her husband and 3 sons and one daughter-in-law who live too far away. She has shared her enthusiasm for poetry with kids, cashiers, auto mechanics and anyone willing to listen!

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