Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 9th Stone Pigeon!

Breaking new Grounds, Portsmouth! Monday, November 9th at 7pm! These are the facts, ma'am! In just two days, the "FISH OR CUT BAIT TOUR" comes to the Stone Pigeon!

Fall has returned to New England. We managed to wrestle and extra hour from its leafy grip, and now Mother Nature is out for revenge! She's sent two poets of the apocalypse to destroy us... with words. You'd think she'd use a hurricane or tidal wave or something, but times are tough.

Ryan McLellan - The author of three collections of poetry, Ryan McLellan is a performance poet, singer/songwriter and English teacher from Exeter, New Hampshire. His poems have most recently appeared in "Concise Delight", "Bird's Eye reView", and the "2010 Poets' Guide to New Hampshire", with forthcoming publications in "O.V.S. Magazine", "The Taj Mahal Review" and "Chopin With Cherries". A member of Blood on the Floor, the recipient of the 2009 Esther Buffler Fellowship and member of the 2009 Slam Free or Die team, he is sick of writing about himself in the third person.

Unseen the Poet has never been published, but doesn't care. This is probably because he doesn't spell good and has no idea how to use periods and what not. He believes in putting on a good live show. I feel that poetry is better seen live rather than read. I was also a memeber of the first ever N.H. slam team. I'm also the fill in co-host and the resident drunk of the poetry night Slam Free or Die in ManchVegas. Come check me out. Word.

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