Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th Stone Pigeon!

I realize I'm a little lazy putting this one up, but it's been a crazy month. Still, the show must go on! Or start, actually. And on Monday (today, actually) December 14th at 7pm, come to Breaking new Grounds in Portsmouth and behold our last show of 2009! Who, you ask, do we have to behold this month? I'll tell ya...

Matthew P. Gallant is a dynamic duo unto himself. He is a writer, a teacher, a poet, a painter, a hobbyist, a worrier, a lover, a fighter, he is a man to be reckoned with. There is metal beneath his skin and milk in his veins. Once he rode his bike to Maine for groceries and now he drives cattle from space. Blindfolded, he has walked the plank onto a tightrope strung loosely between two places yet to be determined. Cut off his hands and he'd grow new ones, take his feet and he'd walk on his hands, but just try to steal his ears, eyes or his tongue, and you'll wish a hospital was closer. In his free time, he publishes books, builds bridges and buries fences.

Matthew P. Gallant's students are all seniors at Timberlane Regional High School in Plaistow, NH and current students of Mr. G's Creative Writing Workshop, a one-semester writing and performance-intensive junior/senior elective. Ryan Carrigan is a senior who's missing a basketball game vs. Oyster River to be here tonight. Madalyn Coryea is a senior who also sees time on the stage as part of the reputable Timberlane Players. And Micaela Russell is also a senior who's read at Bridge Cafe in Manchester, Water Street in Exeter and Brew'd Awakening in Lowell, MA. They are all so much better than Mr. G was at their age, and so much better than even they realize. You'll all see what I mean tonight.

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