Thursday, December 4, 2008

2009 Calendar

Announced on the Facebook Group just moments ago (as was this test site, so the only way you're here right now is if you're on Facebook... so it's still an exclusive!), the 2009 Stone Pigeon Calendar!

January 12 - Gary Widger Tribute
February 9 - Mckendy Fils-Aime and Mark Palos
March 9 - Cara Losier and Guest
April 13 - Adam Barone and Guest
May 11 - Lindsey Coombs and Redbeard Bullrider
June 8 - Adam Shlager and Lesley Kimball
July 13 - Mike Nelson and Kim Triedman
August 10 - Gordon Lang and Kalee Burrows
September 14 - Ayanna Gallant and Beau Williams
October 12 - Heidi Therrien and Molly Skerry
November 9 - Ryan McLellan and Unseen the Poet
December 14 - Matt Gallant and Guest

Subject to change. All spots labeled "Guest" are currently in negotiations and TBA.

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