Monday, December 8, 2008

This time, it's for real!

The site has gone live. I still have a lot of pages to build, but I seem to have worked the kinks out enough to put the site up. Thanks to those I bugged to look at it in different browsers to make sure everything was ok. If you have any feedback or ideas, toss them my way. For now, I just thought if you take the time to actually visit this site, you deserve something to actually be here. So, enjoy.


Bella Literati said...

where is that google calendar that you mentioned?

Tim said...

From any page at, there's a link for "calendar" just under the header, and third over from the left.

If you came to this blog directly at blogger, rather than through, you wouldn't be seeing the link.

Directly, it's found at:

Bella Literati said...

ha, oh yes, there it is just as you said it would be! Thank you!