Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Calendar Update

The 2009 Stone Pigeon Calendar is almost filled, kids!

February 9 - Mckendy Fils-Aime and Mark Palos
March 9 - Cara Losier and Charles Xavier Lacerte
April 13 - Adam Barone and Ryk McIntyre
May 11 - Lindsey Coombs and Redbeard Bullrider
June 8 - Adam Shlager and Lesley Kimball
July 13 - Mike Nelson and Kim Triedman
August 10 - Gordon Lang and Kalee Burrows
September 14 - Ayanna Gallant and Beau Williams
October 12 - Heidi Therrien and Molly Skerry
November 9 - Ryan McLellan and Unseen the Poet
December 14 - Matt Gallant and Guest

Also, should have three hot new videos up on the site tomorrow! So, ABC... Always Be Checking., that is.

Wow. That was lame, even for me.

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