Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stone Pigeon, the Bird of Tomorrow!

So we've got some new technology for our show. Interactive music and video!

- If you have a particular piece of music you'd like to accompany your reading, we can probably do that for you. Just let me know in advance through here or by email.

- If you have any ideas/requests for "theme music" (it gets played at the start and end of the show), post it here.

- We also now have video capability. If you'd like a video of yourself reading at The Stone Pigeon, or would generally just like to volunteer to let your poem be recorded (I hope to do a couple every month and upload them to the Facebook group page here as well as the main site), you can let me know here, through email, or even at the show.

Feedback in comments here is welcome, and discussion on this and other topics is available at our Facebook Group Page.

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